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Advancement Via Individual Determination

YVHS AVID Team Contacts

AVID Coordinator:  
Jennifer Jungwirth

email: jjungwir@yvhs.net

YVHS Counselor: Michelle MacLean

email: mmaclean@yvhs.net

YVHS Counselor: Tom Hovey

email: thovey@yvhs.net

9th Grade AVID: Todd Brown

Email: tbrown@yvhs.net

9th Grade AVID: Matt Rauch

Email: mrauch@yvhs.net

10th Grade AVID: Merl Abel

email: mabel@yvhs.net

11th & 12th Grade AVID/Math: Mary Keck

email: mkeck@yvhs.net

English: Jamie Scharns

email: jscharns@yvhs.net

US History: Jeff Evans

email: jevans@yvhs.net

Math Teacher: Kim Siddall

Data gathered and 

interview conducted by:


Sierra Rosales

Jacob Demorrow

Logan Caldwell


AVID Fundraising for 2014-15

Pie a Teacher for Homecoming Assembly

  • Need pies for this event – Fri Oct. 24th

Baked Potato Dinner – Thurs October 16th

  • Need toppings, potatoes and beverages
  • Need Cakes for Cake Auction
  • Students will be selling tickets from Sept. 29th to Oct. 10th - $/Tickets due Oct. 10th

Discount Card Sales – Jan 26th to Feb.6th

  • Students will be selling discount cards

for various areas

  • Money/Cards due no later than Feb. 6th

Butter Braids – March 9th to March 20th

  • All monies/orders due Tuesday March 24th
  • Butter Braids will be delivered to YVHS Wednesday April 1st for student distribution and delivery in time for Easter

AVID Pancake Breakfast and Carwash – Sat. May 16th or 23rd (depending on Prom)

  • Need pancake mix, sausage, eggs, etc.
  • Students will be selling tickets
  • All monies/unsold tickets will be due the Wednesday before the event

Water at Graduation – June

  • Need 16 oz water bottles to sell


Money generated from these fundraisers will keep cost down on various college field trips and other AVID events planned throughout the year.

About the AVID Program and AVID Teachers

  • This is the largest avid group with over 200 students. Avid has two new teachers that are still getting use to being an avid teacher. They are Mr. Brown and Mr. Rauch.
  • College research. 10th grade is planning a college fair. 11th grade (ask Ms. J again). 9th grade is learning time management. 12th grade is preparing for college and getting a five year plan ready.
  • To have students ready for colleges if they choose to go.
  • AVID has its own club specifically for its own students. They fundraise for field trips and activities. Many of them are performing community service. Avid kids are also affiliated with the S club and key club.
  • Mr. Able works closely with the town. Many AVID kids join youth commission. Students also participate in Career Pathways Internship, which may lead to a $1000 dollar scholarship if the student donates 100+ hours.
  • AVID teachers work closely with the counseling department to ensure the students are in the required A-G course. There are AVID sight team members from Math, English, and History departments. AVID teachers also help other teachers with discipline. 

Important AVID Dates

Back To School Night – September 10th
  • Importance of College Testing – Sept. 24th from 6 to 8 in YVHS Library
  • College Night – October 15th from 6 to 8 pm in YVHS Library
    • Required: 11th & 12th grade
  • PSAT Test – October 15th in the MPR
    • Required: 10th  & 11th grade
  • ASPIRE Test – October 22nd  in the MPR
    • Required: 9th grade
  • Financial Aid Night – December 10th from 6 to 8 in YVHS Library
    • Required: 12th grade
    • Recommended: 11th grade
  • Cash for College – February 4th
    • Required: 12th grade
  • 11th graders – Important Test dates
  • AVID Awards Night – June from 6 to 8 in the YVHS MPR