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English Department Chair

Donna Weller

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Brown, Steven
AP Instructor
Drake, Elizabeth
ELA Teacher
Griswold, Joshua
Mason, Crystal
ELA Teacher
Nicholson, Jacqueline
ELD Instructor
Nicholson, Trent
Honors Instructor
Scharns, Jamie
ELA Teacher
Weller, Donna
ELA Teacher
White, Suzette
Honors Instructor

English Locker

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Core Novels

To Kill a Mocking Bird Romeo and Juliet Night Julius Caesar The Crucible Of Mice and Men Frankenstein Taming of the Shrew To Kill a Mocking Bird Romeo and Juliet Night Julius Caesar The Crucible Of Mice and Men Frankenstein Taming of the Shrew Julius Caesar
Status area

SLO's (Student Learning Outcomes)

Yucca Valley High School Learners exhibit P.R.I.D.E. in their learning


Proficient in Academics and/or Career Skills

Demonstrate ongoing growth in proficiency in CCSS including the use of technology. (*Measured by: SBAC data, benchmark data and grades).



Demonstrate positive personal qualities, work habits and attitudes. (*Measured by: discipline data, intervention data, and assessment of school culture)


Independent Learners

Demonstrate ownership and responsibility for individual roles in the learning process. (*Measured by: completion of homework, use of student planner, grade checks, use of student /parent portal and tutoring)


Develop Problem Solving Skills

Demonstrate the ability to identify and implement a range of strategies necessary for solving complex challenges both inside and outside the classroom. (*Measured by: analyzing how effectively school resources are used by students, collaborative and project based instructional strategies, Benchmark and SBAC data).


Effective Communicators

Demonstrate the ability to read, write, listen and speak effectively. (*Measured by: the assessment of Listening and Speaking CCSS standards, classroom instruction and various after school activities).

English Faculty

1Y02363.JPGMr. Steve Brown

AP English 11/12, CP English 12

1Y01291.JPGMs. Elizabeth Drake

English 12

1Y02333.JPGDr. Trent Nicholson

Honors English 10, CP English 12

1Y02309.JPGMrs. Jacqueline Nicholson

English 10, ELD

1Y01013.JPGMrs. Jamie Scharns

English 10

1Y01016.JPGMrs. Donna Weller

Department Chair, English 11

1Y02040.JPGMrs. Suzette White

Honors English 9, CP English 9