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Varsity Coach: Matt Jennings

JV Coach: Janet Larson


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Girls Volleyball

The Yucca Valley High School Volleyball Department’s goal is to cultivate the love of volleyball while teaching players about dedication, commitment, and community. They work with the College Club to help prepare their players for college and trade schools as well as engaging the community with car washes, dinners, and other fundraisers to support the team.


They are also affiliated with the larger Athletic Department and all activities related to fall sports. They take pride in their coaches, who are experienced in leadership as well as volleyball. As Head Coach Matt Jennings commented, “They really are great at leading the players to better themselves as players and as members of this community”.

This year, the Volleyball Department is facing some daunting challenges. With nine new players joining the varsity team, the coaches are preparing them for the difficulty of higher level competition. Volleyball is also developing a new Freshman Team with a new coach.


“We had 29 girls try out for the JV team,” Coach Jennings commented, “but we can only keep about 12 per team”. Along with other recent changes, they are implementing new practice drills. They will also be traveling outside the area to compete with schools outside of the Morongo Basin. “Playing teams from other schools outside our area opens the eyes of the players to see what else is out there.