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Dept. Chair Interview by Students

           We interviewed Mr. Thomas, head of the science department and Chemistry teacher, to find information about his department. We are happy to inform you that the only challenge they are currently facing is an overflow of students eager to learn.


            While we all identify as students of Yucca Valley High School, when we asked Mr. Thomas about any projects that seemed excited about, he gave us a different kind of answer. Thomas believes that all students are different. This does not mean we do not do projects in the science department of course. Most Biology classes are doing an ecology project to get students to contribute to the environment.


            All the teachers in the science department have some special quality about them that makes them good teachers. We would also like to welcome Ms. Sheehan to Yucca Valley High School. We are glad you joined our team and we look forward to seeing what your special quality is.

Interview by:

Dawn Rich

Elizabeth Herrera

Andrew Hardin